Cnvrs8 repute is the function of the Image managers - A hybrid of tradition & Digital PR agency, Repute works seamlessly across online & offline media to create share of voice for brands. Helping brands create and manage impeccable stain free reputations.
Services offered by Repute
Media relations

Helping your brand reach the right people at the right time through media relations and outreach.

Strategic planning

Devising short and long-term PR strategies for brands, products and individual driving high recall & visibility across traditional and new media formats.

Event management

Amplify the reach of your event by getting covered across the relevant media touch points, both in traditional and online media.

Crisis management

Things go wrong in business. Our crisis management team can help your brand steer out of controversies by communicating your point of view, gracefully.

Influencer Management

Amplifying your digital reach by helping your brand engage with the digital influencers in your industry to garner positive brand recommendations.

Work Samples
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Business Intelligence, Planning & Servicing happens in the core - brain of the organization. Handing over the execution to the other 7 departments.



Skilled at the art & science of turning goals into plans and plans into actions. Master of numbers, delivering performance led media planning.



The story tellers! A hybrid of Copywriting, Content Writing, Social Media Management & Online Reputation Management combined into one fast moving, high adrenaline department that work at the speed of the consumer.



The creative function, evolved to create brands in the hyper connected age. starting from identity development to packaging, print ads to mobile apps, we do it all.



The traditional Technology function, evolved to handle multiple programming languages and frameworks. Having proved their mettle time and again across changing environments and screens.



A hybrid of production, motion graphics & Digital content, MOTION department boasts of the skills to create video messages tailor-made for platforms and audiences.



The Image managers - A hybrid of tradition PR agency & a Digital PR agency, Repute works seamlessness across online & offline media & publicity opportunities.



A small portable incubator for bright sparks inside Cnvrs8, collaborations across departments to develop tools and SAAS platforms to solve business problems.